Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck (video)

Long running Big Beat Mancunians, The Chemical Brothers finally put forth a clip for their reinvigorated single Wide Open. Wide Open, in typical Chemical Brothers' fashion is expansive with its sound, as large square and saw synth tones punctuate a melody around Beck's voice. The vibe here is far from abrasive, with a warm, repetitive progression that recalls Royksopp, or Gui Boratto. The video is a stirring visualization of dancer's metamorphosis from a human, to a porous elasticated being. It's a slightly unnerving transition from organic to synthetic person, yet the dancer's elegant movements remind us that she has remained human, despite such drastic change. Its a scene that brings to mind the film, Ex Machina, where a robotic woman endeavors to discover her true place among the human race and in the end still falls somewhere between man and machine (even after globbing on bits of skin to cover-up her metal parts). Beck, who's disconcerted drawl is typically associated with guitar based songs, lends himself perfectly to this mid-tempo electronica, using his voice as an almost extra layer of instrumentation, rather than a stand-alone part of the song. It's really a gorgeous track, with an addictive quality not unlike Julian Casablancas's work with Daft Punk. Check it now:

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