Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lust For Youth - Sudden Ambitions (video)

Here's a new clip from the Swedish darkwave connoisseurs, Lust for Youth. Preparing for their new LP, Compassion, out tomorrow, LFY have been peppering the web with infectious singles. Sudden Ambitions, feels very Lust For Youth. The mid tempo appregiators, the baritone drawl, and trebbly bass reminiscent of New Order, are all hallmark qualities of recent tracks from the group. What makes Lust for Youth most interesting is not their effortless ability to recreate goth-pop music from the 80s, but more their continued production of solid, head-bob worthy, pop tunes. The vacancy left in their music allows for icy stabs to really undulate through the melody, and singer Hannes Norrvide’s voice to command the listeners attention. This is a group that will surely continue to grow its audience. I'd watch for them to be playing much larger stages this summer and into the future. The video here has a very Tough Alliance vibe, with shadowy projections against the band, and a fascination with team swiming. Have a gander:

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