Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Beverly - South Collins (video)

Thick and foggy, Beverly's latest single is pure guitar pop at its best. Like a sleepier Paula Cole song, played near an idling chainsaw, this tune is both delicate and jagged. There are hints of Lush here, yet less of the psychedelia and more of the moonscaped pop. It would be easy to label a song like this as shoegaze, but it feels much more like a forgotten cut off Gish, or Belong. While everyone waits for the summer club bangers to trickle onto the net, its nice to grasp onto some serious rawk. The video captures a jaded songstress dealing with heartbreak in a rural town. Slow-motion shots of hip locals at the bar and fall folliage take on an almost sinister vibe here, though its hard to place quite why. Take a look and have listen right here:

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