Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Panda Bear - Boys Latin (video)

Panda Bear's new single is a phasing Psych track, centred around a Dark Wave bassline and PB's recognisable harmonies. The tune has a slightly melancholic tinge to it, and therefore the video as well contains wisps of sadness, woven among its frames. Its a mesmerising animated clip, reminiscent of the colour pallet and landscapes displayed in Bjork's Wanderlust. A young man traversing the swampy in-lands of a coastal Somewhere is entranced, and then ensnared by some bewitching salt water anemone. Soon our hero is plagued by psychedelic skin lesions that only seem to lessen when he learns to accept the new sorry state of his body. There's a universal theme here that seems both otherworldly and all too familiar, and by the end all is well. Dig it:

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