Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Deerhunter - Breaker (video)

Deerhunter continue to breathe life into a somewhat stagnant pool of music being produced this year. 2015 has been chalked full of impressive releases and yet, sadly, there continues to being a plethora of utter schlock rattling around the net. Well, the schlock stops here. Deerhunter a band that progressively continues to progress and will probably prove to be a group of truly propulsive pop prospectors, drop this song, a hot new single that will force you to keep pressing play. Breaker is the amalgam of all things Deerhunter; with a hook and tonality that somehow seems to transcend all of their past work at the same time. It is a song that is equal parts Orange Juice and Fleetwood Mac, with extra touches of Dream Pop and modern Indie guitar music. Melting 6 strings peel away, beneath a street walkin bass. The hook erupts with a crescendo of duelling harmonies that could make Grizzly Bear jealous. There's also a dreamy Pumkins'esque bridge that allows the song to drift slightly, if only for a moment, before being sucked back into place by that unforgivably kept bass. The frontier may be fading, but the boys of DH are still shining bright. Check it:

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